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new and desperate!

Hello :)

I'm new to this community and desperately looking for some JRM HQ pictures.
As I want to create some wallpapers and posters!(Of course I'd also share them here)

I'm looking for HQs of this shooting preferably:

but also for similar, or just post your favourites! But they should be HQ and without any big tags, so it won't lose any quality.
I'd also love to have pics with his typical jrm-glimpse you cannot resist...and where you can see his pretty body..
show me what you have!!!

at this point I'd also like to share this great video I found on youtube, it's also an inspiration of pics I'd love to have, he looks so awesome there!!!

(maybe the creator of this is also in this community and could help me getting the pics :) )

I'd really appreciate your help ♥

Tags: high resolution, photo shoots
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